Comfortable & Uncomfortable


Traveling can be very comfortable, and uncomfortable. You don’t exactly have the comforts of home like copious amounts of food in the fridge, or free wifi whenever you want, but I also realized that there are trade offs. Some include being able to wear the same clothes day after day and not be judged, or not having to wash my hair all the time.This almost sounds like a hygienic issue, but it’s not, I promise! This is just the way (some?) backpackers live, hahaha. It is easy, cheap and convenient. I like it. I also hardly wear make up and I just feel so good. I feel so free and happy. I am not trying to look good for others, I am trying to FEEL good for myself.

Though you never really have a real home for the duration of your travel, you can make homes along the way. Each hostel I stay at I refer to as “home,” and then my “real,” home back in Canada is referred to as “home, home.” Haha. If you never have stayed in a hostel before, it could be interesting. They are similar to hotels. You pay per night, but you can also have weekly rates. You can have a single room, or choose the dorm rooms (this is the cheaper way, which I use), sleeping in rooms with 2-4 bunk beds or more. At first hosteling was a bit uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to sharing a room with complete strangers. It is also difficult if you return home late one night and have to dig around for your pj’s or whatever and you can’t see anything cause its dark and the others have all gone to bed. I have traveled a little over a month in New Zealand and am getting more comfortable with the hostels.


Traveling also takes you to places you never thought you’d be and lets you experience things you never thought you could. You meet so many people that you never would have met otherwise, and it is something you’ll always remember. I am meeting people from all over the world and am treasuring the week-long (or even day long), friendships that have been made. Sometimes it takes a little bit of courage to talk to people, but it is worth it. The concept is quite simple. You just say hello and a new conversation or even friendship begins. But saying hi can be a bit frightening at times. The good thing about backpacking is knowing that we are all in it together, making our way through our travels. It can get lonely at times and a simple hello can make a day brighter.